Welcome to the official website of the Ukrainian arbitrage team Traffic Fox. Successfully casting since 2019 on nutrition, gambling, dating, forex
The field in which we work from the very beginning. We know by heart our every working combination for weight loss and potency
We have been working with private offers for more than a year. We work both with newcomers to the market, as well as on the tops. The main thing is a profitable offer.
A promising field that we discovered in 2021. We work with foreign offers. Worked on all payment models: from SOI to Revshare
Interesting vertical in which you get a lot of experience, profits and at the same time a lot of bans and interesting tasks
About team
Arbitration Department
The heart of the team, on which life, income and all work processes depend. It consists of the Media Buyer, the Arbitrator and the Optimizer.
Creative Department
The people who create the visual component of everything that happens to a company. From the creation of websites and creatives to the creation of printing. Consists of the Chief Designer, Content Manager, and SMM Specialist
Pharm Department
An army of pharmers who prepare quality material for the cast without stopping. They have several sub-departments: the sales department, the quality department, the prepharm department, and of course the Team Lead and the pharmers themselves
Financial Department
Profit and expense streams pass through the hands of two people who put together overcomplex spreadsheets, optimize the expense side, and control the company's logistics.
SЕО Department
A tandem of a SEO and a website developer who weave their google grid so that all of the company's personal projects get leads organically
Our partners
Our interview with CPA Monstro
The story of our team's formation
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Arbitration team

Traffic Arbitrage in 2021

Traffic arbitrage continues to be attractive to everyone who wants to make money online. But not everyone is able to get a big stable income. Our team is one of few in Ukraine, which despite all storms of services and platforms is alive, expanding and continues to work in affiliate marketing. Arbitrage traffic in Ukraine - is a special unique story of online business, which you can become a part of. Please fill in the application form on the website in order to find out about new actual vacancies or to propose cooperation.